Food and Activity Bags (FAB)

Child and youth programming at Crouch has been adapted to include Food and Activity Bags (FAB). Children and youth have the opportunity cook healthy meals and undertake a different activity each week.

During the months of April-August while COVID-19 was at its peak, people were isolating and programs were closing. We wanted to find a way to let the children in our community know we were still for them and thinking of them. One of our previous existing programs was Lets get Cooking! This was a program that was a good balance of finding life skills, patience and teamwork to create a healthy meal. We took this previous program and modified it for COVID-19. Since we already had an existing delivery system starting to come into place from our Covid Care Kits. We decided to create our FAB kits and send them out with the drivers. FAB stands for Fun Activity Bag, this was a weekly bag that contained the ingredients needed for the kids at home to do a cooking activity with their parents. For example one week we would send out all the ingredients needed to make pancakes, the mix, syrup, eggs and even fresh fruit. The activity portion of the bag would often be something that the kids could do with simple instructions on their own that would engage their brain.

Project Numbers


Number of Food and Activity Bags distributed to local children and youth.


Number of unique households that were supported through FAB.

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