Vision Zero
Hamilton Road
London, Ontario

A life was tragically lost on Hamilton Road on September 20th, 2022. Fanshawe student Jibin Benoy was the victim of a hit-and-run while biking home from work.


Collisions and near-misses happen far too often on this London main street. Every time the Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre team sees news of an accident on Hamilton Road, we wonder which of our neighbours has been harmed. The Crouch team has been approached by various residents who want to see Hamilton Road become a safer route for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. As a result, we have launched a Vision Zero campaign for Hamilton Road.


Our community needs your voice to make an impact on this important social issue.​ Please fill out the form below and/or see below to learn more.


Messages will be processed by the Crouch team and will remain anonymous, whether or not you choose to provide your email address or name. Messages may be shared through this website, social media, in a submission to City Council and/or at an upcoming community meeting. 


Add your voice to the conversation about traffic and safety on Hamilton Road:

  • Have you had a collision or near-miss on Hamilton Road? 

  • How does traffic on Hamilton Road affect you and the people you care about?

  • What might prevent traffic-related near-misses, collisions and deaths on Hamilton Road in the future?

Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation.

Vision Zero is a global movement dedicated to the elimination of traffic deaths and injuries caused by vehicular collisions while increasing safe, healthy and equitable mobility for all. Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre stands behind the following Vision Zero principles, which have been adopted by the London City Council:

  • no loss of life is acceptable

  • traffic fatalities and serious injuries are preventable, 

  • we are all physically vulnerable when involved in motor vehicle collisions

  • eliminating fatalities and serious injuries is a shared responsibility between road users and those who design and maintain our roadways​

The passing of Jibin Benoy is a tragic reminder of the importance of Vision Zero, as well as the need to raise our collective voice in order to prevent future accidents, injuries and deaths. 


Please share your experiences with traffic on Hamilton Road so that we may amplify your concerns and call for a solution to this critical issue in our community.

To share your perspective, email, fill out the above form, or visit 550 Hamilton Road.